Coding discipline


Some discipline about coding starts forming…

… at the very last, I daresay. No breaking news, so just a little reflection about the obvious.

As many others, I have an ample graveyard of project that were started and just remained there. From time to time I might go back to them, and of course it usually takes time to figure out what I did, because I often go code code code and no tests or docs written.

I mean, it’s my spare time, right?

Well, wrong. There’s always frustration when I cannot get in the mood for restarting some activity on a half-dead project, just because the learning curve is too steep because of me.

So well, yeah… Tantalizing TTD and Writing Documentation to the rescue, but they’re tools that I myself have to use to make my future self happier. Nothing different from learning some discipline when you’re young; they might tell you that breaking the rules is how stuff really go ahead and all, but you still need to stay focused on that particular rules breaking that you’re after.

Also, as I had to experience lately, the basic, fundamental importance of documentation and proper testing/monitoring are not something that is part of a common set of assumptions around. Yes, I mean professional settings. Yes, I mean professional in the sense of what you do for a living, not in the sense that you do it the right way because you know what you should be doing. It was both appalling and a good reality check to avoid giving anything as assumed. Yet… meh.

OK, the last paragraph was probably a bit obscure, but future me will hopefully remember and understand what I wanted’share.

Stay safe and have a great weekend!

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