Tantalizing TTD


TDD is a brilliant concept, but a bit out of reach for me.

As anybody reading just a few posts here knows, I’m totally not a professional Perl programmer. I mean, literally: I’m not paid to code, in Perl or any other language. I do this mainly for fun, which occasionally can be an advantage for my work.

Test-Driven Development always fascinated me, because it seems the right thing to do and, let’s be honest, it can helps a lot building interfaces that do not suck. Well, not too much at least.

Even so, time and again I find myself writing the code first, the tests afterwards. Almost. Any. Given. Time.

To me, it’s just like being Tantalus, which would like to eat and drink, but cannot.

It’s not even that I don’t like writing tests. This morning I wrote some tests for Data::Resolver and I had both fun and satisfaction (I even spotted a bug and corrected it).

So well yeah, maybe my goals for 2023 should include doing more stuff the TDD way.

Stay safe!

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