A Jekyll performance trick


I discovered a performance trick for Jekyll.

As the blog was growing, I observed increasing times for re-generating the whole thing. You might remember Faster Jekyll, for example, where I already discussed about it.

My solution at the time was to have a faster and limited re-generation for looking at new posts quickly, while leaving the slower generation to a secondary process.

Then came Blog posts rearrangement, where I moved most of the posts into ad-hoc directories, while still leaving more than 3 hundred posts in the main directory, because it was november.

At the beginning of the year, I made a similar rearrangement to “archive” 2022, and I noted a considerable boost in site regeneration speed.

So, I guess, moving stuff in sub-directories and leaving fewer posts in the main directory will probably help. Good to know!

Stay safe and… have fun!

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