Faster Jekyll


A way to speed-up local re-generation of Jekyll sites.

As this blog goes on, I notice that the time to re-generate the whole thing increases. While it was not that big of an issue when it was around a handful of seconds, lately it’s come to about 18-20 seconds, which is annoying.

Then I asked the mighty internet and came up with Speed up Jekyll site regeneration - it’s possible to limit the rendering to only the last ones with option --limit_posts. This prompted me to add the following sub-command in (A shell helper for dokyll):

# case ...
      DOKYLL_PRE='' dokyll bundle exec jekyll build \
         $multiconfig --watch --future --limit_posts 5
      exit $?

I decided to add a target qbuild instead of changing the original build because I still liked the idea to re-generate the whole thing (e.g. if I do a fix in a previous post).

The speed-up is tangible, as it’s dropped below 5 seconds again. Still, now I would be left with only a few posts rendered.

Then it occurred to me that I can leave both qbuild and build running. The former provides the fast feedback that I look for when writing posts, while the latter re-generates the whole thing taking its time.

Take care folks!

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