Setting up an SFTP server


I’m interested into the setup of a SFTP-only server.

To make things very, very blunt I’m currently using this configuration for OpenSSH:

Protocol 2
Port     22

UsePAM yes
UseDNS no
PermitRootLogin        no
PubkeyAuthentication   yes
PasswordAuthentication yes
PermitEmptyPasswords   no
ChallengeResponseAuthentication yes

ClientAliveInterval 10
ClientAliveCountMax 6
KeepAlive   no
Compression yes
PrintMotd   no

PermitUserEnvironment no
AllowAgentForwarding  no
AllowTcpForwarding    no
GatewayPorts  no
PermitTunnel  no
GatewayPorts  no
X11Forwarding no

Subsystem       sftp internal-sftp
AllowGroups     sftpreader sftpwriter

Match Group sftpreader
    ForceCommand    internal-sftp
    ChrootDirectory /var/sftp/frozen/%u

Match Group sftpwriter
    ForceCommand    internal-sftp
    ChrootDirectory /var/sftp

The idea is that the administrator will rarely get into this machine and, when needed, the console is sufficient. So no login for root, and actually for nobody else because of the AllowGroups and the two Match directives.

In particular, only users in the two allowed groups will be let in (see OpenSSH Server: understanding Allow* and Deny* stuff for some details), and both are constrained to only use internal-sftp. I decided to leave the ForceCommand directive inside both Matches, should I change my mind later and allow other groups to get a shell access.

I’m allowing username/password pairs to make it easier for the data readers, which might not be comfortable with SSH keys. A lot of the restrictions are probably never used due to the constraints on SFTP, I’ll try to study them more at time goes.

The ChrootDirectory allows restricting where the connecting users can go. Here I’m anticipating some readers which will each be allowed access to their own directory, read-only; on the other hand, one or more writers will have a wider access to /var/sftp, so that they will be able to see all directories.

I hope I didn’t forget anything important… if I did, please raise your hand!

Stay safe everyone!

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