One year of posting on ETOOBUSY


So… it seems that it’s this blog’s birthday!

One year ago I started this simpler blog because… I felt that the main blog was lagging too much behind. It has some posts that I consider nice, but writing them usually required me a lot of time.

So I thought… why not write about stuff as it comes? And this blog was born.

Until the end of the last year it got a few posts and was about to be forgotten… then I took the challenge with myself to try and produce a post per day. So far it was almost successful, with two breaks (in May and in June) that were a consequence of ubi major minor cessat. Let’s say that 2020 will be remembered 😅

While this place is still faithful to its original spirit - it’s still possible to use it and blog entirely through GitHub - I added some features in time of which I’m quite happy, among which:

are my favourite, because I feel that they really get the recurrent burden out of me and allow me to just write. More can be found under tag #blog.

As a final note, let’s always remember that I’m standing on the giant’s shoulder, like described in a post from one year ago: Jekyll blog on GitHub Pages.

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