Blog post publishing: merciless lazyness


I think there’s too many ways to be lazy.

In Posts publishing routine in a script I described a small shell script to help me with the usual routine to publish a new post: add to git, commit, tag with date, push everything…

With a script, I can provide the date, the commit message and the paths all at once, and get the job done. Lazyness for the win!

And then it hit me: Flavio, you can do less 🧐

I mean, it’s everything there right? The date, the post title for the commit message, the list of new posts… let the computer do its job!

So there you get it, the new shiny, now with:

  • automatic grabbing of date and title (thanks to teepee);
  • serial publishing of multiple days (under conditions);
  • so many seconds spared!!!

So yes, I can write multiple posts and put them in the publishing pipeline with a single command, provided that there are only post files in the invocation. There’s even a --all option to publish everything that is available.

Even though I feel like a lone man in the desert here in this blog… enjoy!

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