The quest to flood the world with Perl software goes on, one repo at a time!

After a few posts about SVG, cards etc. it’s about time to share some code that allows generating the cards shown in Some SVG cards.

You can find it all in cardstom. It’s a bad attempt to a pun on the word custom by merging the word card in it. You know, custom cards.

You might notice that I’m using NestedLoops, which probably makes it clear why I bothered with it so much in this blog about one month ago (e.g. see post Algorithm::Loops).

The program just scratches the surface. I’m thinking about alternative ways of describing the automatic generation of cards: right now, it’s generating too many cards, e.g. black version of hearts/diamonds and red versions of clubs/spades. By the way, this post can become obsolete, so I’m talking about the initial import commit.

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