About this blog...

This is a minimalistic blog scaffolding that is supposed to work out of the box in GitHub Pages. En-passant, it’s also another small blog that I’m keeping around.


This relies heavily on Jekyll and the TextLog theme. In particular, this page has examples of what formatting capabilities are available.

In addition, MathJax can also be enabled so that you can write $\sum_{i=0}^n i^2 = \frac{(n^2+n)(2n+1)}{6}$ and also:

\[\sum_{i=0}^n i^2 = \frac{(n^2+n)(2n+1)}{6}\]

You can also look at several formatting hints. To enable it, add mathjax: true in the front matter of the page (look at the first lines of about.md to see how).

Get your own

If you want to replicate it:

Now you can add your posts inside the _posts sub-directory (even in GitHub itself).