Three days of pause


I eventually took a pause from blogging.

It eventually happened: I took a small pause from blogging. Only three days actually, but it was a real challenge.

I mean, I had 3+ years of getting something published every day, which was a little goal by itself but had started to become a burden lately, in the sense that it was not any more a nudge to write, but something that I had to do just to not interrupt the sequence.

So the feat was to interrupt the sequence, and it’s not been easy. Being on the other side of it, though, it’s been refreshing. My sand mandala, if you will.

In the meantime, I’ve gone a bit ahead and shared Games-XLII on Codeberg. It’s my attempt at implementing the game mechanics of Friday, with a different theme (i.e. running, hence the name XLII which is 42 in roman numerals, like the number of kilometers in a Marathon).

As a matter of fact, the implementation per-se is not even themed, but somehow abstract. This will allow easier retheming in a later stage, should I change idea and decide for a different one (e.g. a more traditional dungeon crawl).

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