The Perl and Raku Conference 2023 - Sawyer X talks


Two interesting talks.

I’m looking at some of (some of) the talks from The Perl and Raku Conference 2023 and I stumbled upon two of them by Sawyer X:

They are very interesting and I truly admire the style. Being from one person, they probably bring a biased view, but there’s so many good points that are just good per-se and applicable to whatever party.

One part that I liked a lot was the afterthought on how he dealt with one particular insult email. The email was terrible, I don’t know if written out of frustration, need to channel anger or just mental illness. The fact that he is capable of looking at his answer and decide that it was not the best one to give is revolutionary.

I hope I’ll be able to think about my interactions in the future not necessarily in terms of who won and who lost, but realizing that if someone lost it was probably the two of us. Possibly before that happens.

If you need a summary: two videos that are well worth the time if you don’t live under a rock alone, or live there but plan to return to society at any time.


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