Retheme, maybe?


My question did not get through…

Some time ago I started getting interested into the game Friday and I wanted to code a version for the terminal.

I asked for that, but I think that my question was misunderstood, as this is what I got back:

Sadly for you, we cannot give you an ok to release a public version of your Friday implementation using our game graphics and titles.

I tried to follow-up making it clear that it would not include any graphics (almost by definition) and of course I could make a retheme. I also included a few pages with examples of what I meant by games to be played on the terminal.

Alas, I did not get anything back.

Anyway, it tickled me that there was an explicit reference to game graphics and titles. Looking around, it seems that as long as artistic parts are not reused, as well nothing tricks people into thinking they’re dealing with their thing, game mechanics can be used to implement other games.

Hence I’m working on transposing the mechanics into… running. Which I did much more some time ago, and which I should start doing much more now.


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