Coding consistency: design document


Documenting stuff before rushing to code

In recent post Coding (eventual) inconsistency I ranted against myself for leaving stuff in mid-air and not in a state where it would have been easier to restart working.

Well, I guess the solution is do what I should have done from the beginning: starting writing my ideas and strategy in a (small) document, instead of rushing to code. So well, I’m not advocating for a three-months-long design phase full of diagrams and whatever, because I can keep the ceremony level at a lower level; still, it’s useful to document what passed in my mind in a less formal way, which might also give me a second view from my… future self, who might spot gray areas and pitfalls.

I guess this means that a document should become the rule! I’ll start with the little solitary game as a pilot project.

Stay safe!

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