I discovered about Syntax::Keyword::Dynamically.

So it seems that we’re about to receive a big gift, i.e. Perl version 5.38 with its shiny new CORE & modern object system.

I like the minimalism of the traditional object system, but it’s more of a framework considering how many systems have been built upon it.

So I thought of giving a read to Object::Pad’s documentation, which apparently is the precursor of the system. It’s been a nice read but of course it amounted to about 0 because I will not know anything until I try that out. Anyway, at least I know that there’s documentation about stuff.

While reading through it, I discovered Syntax::Keyword::Dynamically, which lets us introduce a dynamically keyword that is kind of a super-duper local, but including lexicals and lvalues as well. Well, how cool!

So well, I’m not sure I’m going to use it in the future, because I also rarely use local itself and the SYNOPSIS example is barely applicable in my case (it assumes lvalues for setting a logging level, and my favourite logging module does not support it 😅) and I would probably go for a Guard instead.

Despite what might seem from the last paragraph, I do find Syntax::Keyword::Dynamically brilliant and I’m not trying to upset Paul Evans!

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