Mojo::UserAgent specific page, and a salutation


Starting with new, wider-range pages at Mojo::UserAgent.

Some time ago (well… 2+ years ago!) I put together some info about Mojo::UserAgent that I found useful and something I was after every now and then.

Alas, the blog post approach is not the best when you realize that there are missing bits that you also are after more often than you are willing to admit.

So I decided to turn that material into a page. Apart from adding stuff that I also find useful, this gives me the peace of mind of leaving blog posts as a testimony of my ignorAHEMeffort to learn stuff.

This also marks, as already promised multiple times in the past, the end of my daily blogging, at least in a form that can be of some use to people beyond future me. It’s been a funny ride with 3 years of uninterrupted blog posts production, but other aspects of $life need energies and, as everybody, there’s a limited amount of them!


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