String::Util seems interesting.

I was taking a lazy look at metacpan when I saw some module with utilities inside (I don’t remember which module, sorry!) and somehow I thought about the trim() function, which I define as removing all leading and trailing whitespace from a string (nothing original, I know).

Then it hit me… this should belong to a String::Util module!

Then it hit me… surely there’s already a String::Util module!

There you go: String::Util. It has a few interesting functions, including trim() and its siblings to only trim leading (ltrim()) and trailing (rtrim()) spaces, as well as other like eqq and neqq, which work with undef too. Nice!

I’ll take a look and I’ll probably get it by near-default in the future, it’s the kind of things that I tend to reimplement over and over… which is not very good, right?

Stay safe!

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