DNS validation: validns


I shared validns, a small tool for DNS validation.

I wanted to do some validation upon a few domains lately, and it was an excellent occasion to use module Net::DNS. The result for what I coded so far is shared in repository validns.

At the moment it does the following checks:

  • get the list of authoritative nameservers starting from the root;
  • check that the same list is also stored in each of these nameservers;
  • check that all of them share the same SOA field.

I actually coded something to get WHOIS data about the domains, leveraging the free tier in the whoisjson.com web service. This part will probably be added to optionally check the nameservers against what’s written in the WHOIS database, e.g. checking whether there’s an available API key or not.

I hope somebody will read this and give me hints about a ready-made tool (no online stuff please!), I tried to look for something but with no luck.

Stay safe and validated!

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