A cheaper terminal trick


An addition to A cheap trick to manipulate PERL5LIB.

In A cheap trick to manipulate PERL5LIB, from a long time ago, we saw a way to generalize setting the PERL5LIB variable and reuse this generalization.

The approach works fine when stuff is installed in a specific directory, which is usually the bin directory in a local installation of modules. This worked very good for applications that are available as, or in, distributions.

Which led me to an additional trick that made the whole thing cheaper: using a cpanfile. So I have a perl-tools directory, with a cpanfile inside, and a short script to update the installation every time I want to install something more:

md="$(dirname "$(readlink -f "$0")")"
cd "$md"
PATH="$md/perl/bin:$PATH" PERL5LIB="$PERL5LIB:." "./carton-static"

The carton-static is just a standalone version of Carton, so that it does not have to rely on anything already installed. There is a version in Installing Perl Modules.

Stay safe!

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