Friday card game - metadata


I saved a JSON file with metadata about the Friday board game.

I recently discovered the solo board game Friday, which seems quite interesting.

The official rules include explanations for most cards. Other data are available from files in the files at BoardGameGeek (e.g. the Scott Pilgrim retheme).

I saw that both the author and the publisher monitor the pages at BoardGameGeek, and apparently did not ask for removing that information. So… I decided to collect the metadata in a JSON file. It might be a fun project to implement the game’s mechanics in the command-line, as a sort-of retheme that will be interesting for command-line… enthusiasts.

As I understand, this should not be a violation of any sort, but to be on the safe (and polite) side I’ll anyway ask for permission to share the code, if I’ll go on with this.

Stay safe… and polite!

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