Removing a session in Mojolicious


Just a note about removing sessions in Mojolicious.

When I wrote No back button after logout, I forgot to take note of an interesting fact about removing a session in Mojolicious.

The fact is: you don’t control it from the server side.

I mean, the server can ask the browser to remove the session, by getting rid of the cookie. On the other hand, if for some reason the browser is not collaborating (e.g. refusing to delete the session cookie), then the session will stick up to the expiration time.

This is hardly unexpected in a system that stores sessions completely on the client side. Still, it surprised me the first time I saw this in action, so it might surprise others (or me in a few months since now).

If you’re wondering how I was biten by this particular set of teeth, it suffices to say that curl has two options for dealing with a so-called cookie jar:

  • option -c is the read-write alternative, which complies with what the server asks to do, and…
  • option -b is the read-only alternative, which disregards requests to do anything with the cookie, including deletion.

So there you go, another way to blow your foot!

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