Playing with PNG files


Playing with PNG file does not necessarily require a library.

Reading A new protocol and tool for PNG file attachments I figured that the PNG specification is quite easy to follow and implement, especially if one does not want to deal with the graphics parts.

I know, I know.

As much as Perl is great for dealing with text, it’s great with binary data too. In the specific case, I only needed to deal with interpreting lengths expressed as four-byte integers in big-endian arrangement, which is where pack/unpack shine:

my $length = unpack('N', $four_bytes_representation);
my $length_as_bytes = pack('N', $length);

There are two other twists that can be easily addressed:

The latter, in particular, led me to this:

sub png_crc (@data) {
   state $full  = 0xffffffff;
   state $table = [
      map {
         my $c = $_;
         $c = $c & 1 ? (0xedb88320 ^ ($c >> 1)) : ($c >> 1) for 1 .. 8;
      } 0 .. 255

   my $c = $full;
   for my $item (@data) {
      my $dataref = ref($item) ? $item : \$item;
      my $n       = length($$dataref);
      for my $i (0 .. ($n - 1)) {
         my $v = ord(substr($$dataref, $i, 1));
         $c = $table->[($c ^ $v) & 0xff] ^ ($c >> 8);
   } ## end for my $item (@data)
   return pack 'N', $c ^ $full;
} ## end sub png_crc

It’s a bit more complicated than it needs with the references and stuff, but just because I like to avoid moving too much data around.

So… if you want to give it a try, it’s a nice and easy thing.

Stay safe!

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