Command-line editing


Ctrl-X Ctrl-E for the win!

So everyone knew except me. I blame you all for this.

I mean, I knew that there was such a thing like Command-line editing, but I thought it was limited to Ctrl-r to search backwards.

To my surprise (why was I surprised?), I eventually discovered Ctrl-X Ctrl-E, which brings the editing part to its extreme: open the editor and leave it the heavylifting.

Which is both genius, obvious and infuriating. (I know, both is for two, but it was infuriating anyway 🤬).

As an added bonus, I also discovered about Ctrl-X *. If you’re wondering, it expands a glob into the corresponding list directly on the command line. It’s a bit of a niche use case, but it can be useful when you have a bunch of files you want to work on and you only want to get rid of a couple before running your command. Although, admittedly, I’ll probably have forgotten about it by tomorrow 🙄.

So there you go, future me: you will not be able to say I didn’t tell you!

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