1000th consecutive posting day


Today marks the 1000th day of consecutive posting.

I probably talked too much about the blog itself in the blog, but today it’s the 1000th consecutive day that I’m posting something.

It makes me happy to have reached this goal… without too much sh*tposting, I hope!

As a matter of fact, as I’ve posted twice on the January 1st this year, this is the 1001th consecutive post. I was initially planning on posting every day, though, so even though the 1000th consecutive post was yesterday, I think today is celebration day.

At this point, I’ll probably truly reconsider posting every day, as it’s become somehow taxing and I suspect that it took time from a lot of other things I should have done instead of looking for something to write about, like e.g. drawing or exercising. So I’ll aim for a different post scheduling, hoping that the gaps will not make me forget about it.

Even though, admittedly, I’ll probably aim to reach 1024 consecutive days first, because 1000 brought me to the fourth decimal digit, and 1024 will bring me to the 11th binary digit! So… you’ll have to endure this daily tax a bit more I guess.

Now you might be wondering why this post is tagged #rakulang. Well, it made me very easy to tell when the 1000th consecutive posting day would be, considering that the streak started on 2020-06-20 (which counts as 1, of course, hence the -1 in the following one-liner):

$ raku -e 'put Date.new("2020-06-20") + 1000 - 1'

Stay safe folks!

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