Release time!


I’m in the middle of a few releases.

I’ve been somehow active lately on CPAN, yay!

Data::Resolver now includes the new object-oriented interface; it’s working, although not entirely definitive (as everything), as the functional interface is still implemented on its own. Plans here are to re-implement it leveraging the object-oriented one, or to deprecate it away. Time will tell; in the meantime, this will hopefully spur some activity on PDF::Collage, which is Data::Resolver’s main client.

Template::Perlish is now at version 1.60. This is one my favourite modules of mine, because it does what I need exactly the way I want. I can’t believe it’s not used by anybody else! Well, I do believe it, as there’s a plethora of templating modules in CPAN and I’m not the best at marketing. Still… good job past me, your efforts are quite appreciated here in 2023 😁

Last, thanks to the infaticable djerius, a lot of bugs were unearthed for App::Easer and are now hopefully fixed. I’ll wait the usual roundtrip with CPAN Testers to get some feedback all around the platforms, then I’ll release it; at the moment we’re still at the trial phase.

Stay safe!

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