mobundle gets some love


mobundle got some attention after years.

After writing about mobundle, I thought to try it again outside of my VM echo chamber, and I hit a first roadblock: no cpanfile!

It was quite straightforward, to be honest:

requires 'File::Slurp';
requires 'Path::Class';
requires 'Template::Perlish';

Well… not so fast, because the program can optionally leverage Module::ScanDeps too:

requires 'File::Slurp';
requires 'Module::ScanDeps';
requires 'Path::Class';
requires 'Template::Perlish';

At this point I decided to add a new feature, to optionally inject the list of bundled modules in a package variable @__MOBUNDLE_MODULES__ (for reasons that will hopefully become clear in a future post).

Still, it was not complete. What good is a bundling application if I don’t even try to produce a bundled version? So I added

md="$(dirname "$(readlink -f "$0")")"
PERL5LIB="$md/local/lib/perl5" "$md/mobundle" -LPo "$md/bundle/mobundle" \
   -m File::Slurp \
   -m Module::ScanDeps \
   -m Module::ScanDeps::Cache \
   -m Path::Class::Entity \
   -m Path::Class::File \
   -m Path::Class::Dir \
   -m Path::Class \
   -m Template::Perlish \
chmod +x "$md/bundle/mobundle"

Although it can optionally use Module::ScanDeps, I have to admit that I like to curate the list of modules by hand.

So, now, there’s a bundled version of mobundle!

curl -Lo "$url" && chmod +x mobundle    && mv mobundle ~/bin

If you’re wondering about the weird spacing in the command above, it is to make it easier to not select the mv ... part, so that you can decide whether you want to put the downloaded program in ~/bin or not by just selecting it or not.

Last, I moved to an [Apache license][]. I hope I understood how this licensing thing works, namely…

  • … that I can change license from a certain version on
  • … that I can embed others’ modules and make reference to their license in the program’s documentation.

Stay compact and bundled!

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