Data::Resolver - some docs


I started fleshing out docs for Data-Resolver.

Straight out of what is already available…

While coding, two problems often arise:

  • Using several modules, there can be a variety of ways on how they get access to data. Many times they support reading from a file, but often times they expect to receive data (e.g. JSON::PP). Other times modules an be OK with both, and even accept filehandles.
  • Deciding on where to store data and what to use as a source can be limiting, especially when multiple things might be needed. What is best at that point? A directory? An archive? A few URLs?

This module aims at providing a way forward to cope for both problems, by providing a unified interface that can get three types of data types (i.e. data, file, or filehandle) while at the same time providing a very basic interface that can be backed by several different fetching approaches, like reading from a directory, taking items from an archive, or download stuff on the fly from a URL.

More in the repo!

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