Data::Resolver on Codeberg


I put Data-Resolver on Codeberg.

In my effort to evolve pdfunnel in some extensible way, I took a detour with Turn this into that to land on Data-Resolver.

The underlying idea is to define a basic API for turning a key into a value/file/filehandle, depending on the specific need. More, the data might come from the filesystem, from a tar file, from… basically whatever.

The interface is just a code reference, which accepts a mandatory key as the first argument, and an optional type as the second argument. When providing a key, the corresponding value is returned, possibly honoring the requested type among data, file and filehandle.

This should allow getting the right thing for most of the modules around, which sometimes accept filehandles, other times straight data etc.

There’s a little overloading of the interface by passing undef as first argument and the string list as the second - it is supposed to provide a list of all accessible keys. Some resolvers might also support getting a list for sub directories, if it makes sense; it’s not mandatory though.

I still have to write docs for it, so for the time being the curious folk will have to take a look at the tests.

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