PWC201 - Missing Numbers


Here we are with TASK #1 from The Weekly Challenge #201. Enjoy!

The challenge

You are given an array of unique numbers.

Write a script to find out all missing numbers in the range 0..$n where $n is the array size.

Example 1

Input: @array = (0,1,3)
Output: 2

The array size i.e. total element count is 3, so the range is 0..3.
The missing number is 2 in the given array.

Example 2

Input: @array = (0,1)
Output: 2

The array size is 2, therefore the range is 0..2.
The missing number is 2.

The questions

Is there a range of allowed values for the numbers in the array? Are they integers?

The solution

We’re turning the array into a set to make checking the numbers in the range efficient:

#!/usr/bin/env raku
use v6;
sub MAIN (*@args) { .put for missing-numbers(@args) }

sub missing-numbers (@array) {
   my $present = @array».Str.Set;
   return [(0 .. @array.elems).grep({ $_.Str ∉ $present })];

I struggled a bit before realizing that I had to turn everything to strings, just to be on the safe side.

The Perl version is just a little at a lower level:

#!/usr/bin/env perl
use v5.24;
use warnings;
use experimental 'signatures';
no warnings 'experimental::signatures';

say for missing_numbers(@ARGV);

sub missing_numbers (@array) {
   my %set = map { $_ => 1 } @array;
   grep { ! exists($set{$_}) } 0 .. @array;

That’s all folks!

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