The Synacor Challenge


I’m having fun with the Synacor Challenge.

The Synacor Challenge

is a programming challenge, but you can use any language you like.

It has a lot of adjacencies with Advent of Code, starting from the creator - which is the same (i.e. Eric Wastl), and going on with the fact that different people will (generally/potentially/hopefully) get different versions of the challenge.

It starts at the Synacor Challenge, site, where you too can register and download the package for taking part to the challenge.

We are supposed to go on a quest and collect 8 codes; the first is trivially given in the starting package itself, the second takes little effort… then there’s the rest.

The first part is about implementing a virtual machine that can run an executable provided in the package. Running that program will then provide additional codes (at least from what I can say now).

At this moment I’m in the middle of it, with a working code to run the program… we’ll see.

Have fun!

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