Advent of Code puzzle input downloader


A shell program to download inputs for Advent of Code puzzles.

This is probably a note to myself for 2023.

It needs to access the cookie session from an authenticated browser. In Firefox:

  • open Advent of Code and open the Developer Tools
  • go to the Network tab
  • login if you haven’t yet, refresh otherwise
  • look for cookie session in one of the fetched items
  • save it in /path/to/local/session-cookie

You can call it in different ways:

/path/to/ 2018 15      # 15th puzzle of 2018 edition

# in a directory named 2022
/path/to/ 4            # 4th puzzle of 2022 edition

# in a directory named 2022, on December 13th
/path/to/              # 13th puzzle of 2022 edition

Here’s the code:


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