Advent of Code 2022 is coming


Advent of Code 2022 is coming…

… and I’m late already.

I mean, as I write right now there’s still 80+ hours to go until the start of the 2022 edition, but it reminded me that I still have to go about 21 half-puzzles from 2018 and the full range of 49 half-puzzles from 2019.

I guess that those two years have 49 half-puzzles like the other years I already completed!

I’m also late because…

  • … last year I had some kind of system for streamlining puzzle resolution, but I still have a refresher, or look for improvement niches.
  • … I still have to update the blogging template. No big deal.
  • … I still have to figure out how to solve these puzzles. Last year was a fun experiment to use Raku, so I might do it again this year, with a nice fallback to Perl when the pressure is really high and the time ticks.

If you’re participating… I wish you to solve all your puzzles and have fun doing it!

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