ekeca standalone certificate for a server


The logical conclusion: ekeca server_standalone ...

It’s one of those times where… you saw it coming.

In TLS for devs: mkcert and ekeca we saw a possible use case for “standalone” certificate chains with one Root CA certificate to install inside clients and other stuff to install on the server side.

This is now available in ekeca, with the new sub-command server_standalone:

server_standalone [<common-name> [<alt-name> [...]]]

create a standalone server certificate, complete with the Root CA certificate to install into the client. This is one-shot with no leftovers or space for renewals. Installing the Root CA certificate should be fine because we ditch the corresponding private key and no further certificates can be generated for it.

Let’s see it in action:

$ ekeca server_standalone whatever.com '*.whatever.com'
# ... stuff happens

$ ls whatever.com
root-for-clients.crt  server.crt  server.key


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