Software Tools for Hobby-Scale Projects


An interesting page: Software Tools for Hobby-Scale Projects.

By following links through the Internet the old way, I landed on an interesting page: Software Tools for Hobby-Scale Projects.

Just one teaser from the page:

I used the following criteria to select the tools:

  • They cost less than a coffee or are free.
  • They are quickly learned.
  • They allow you to accomplish a single task in a short amount of time (such as a Sunday afternoon)
  • They are less focused on the needs of long-term projects (scalability, speed, etc.) and more focused on ease of use and prototyping speed.

As already pointed out in the page itself, MyJSON is no longer active. On the other hand, I discovered that MyJSONs is active as of end of October 2022, so I guess this saves the day for the moment.

Using it from the command line with a few common tools seems straightforward, let’s see a few examples:


# generate some data
cat >"$json_src" <<'END'
   "hey": "you",
   "values": [ 1, 2, 3 ]

# Add an item, get the code back
    curl -si "$ENDPOINT" --data-urlencode "json@$json_src" \
    | sed -ne 's#^Location.*/\([a-fA-F0-9]*\).*#\1#p'

# retrieve the data
json_data="$(curl -s "$ENDPOINT/v/$code")"

# update the data
    printf %s "$json_data" \
    | jq '{"hey": "folks", "values": .values}'
curl -s "$ENDPOINT/e/$code" --data-urlencode "json=$updated_json_data"

Stay crafty!

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