Compactification in NVdB


Enhancing groups in NVdB.

After grouping words to reduce spaces for repetitions, we end up with wildly different groups. Some of them are singletons, i.e. words that do not have expansion like week days. Some only contains a few words, like two, three, or four. Some contain a lot of words.

One additional constraint that we will put in is to consider how many words that are four, five, or six letters long inside. These will be considered words that will always be considered good candidates for selection (contarily to too short or too long words, for which we want to put a limit as discussed previously).

We can compactify these groups to aim for always having at least four such good words in each end group. This will allow us to state that a random choice from any group will add at least 2 bits of entropy (possibly more).

Let’s do this in Perl:

sub compactify ($groups, $is_good, $threshold = 4) {
   my %good_groups;
   for my $group ($groups->@*) {
      my $n_good = grep { $is_good->($_) } $group->@* or next;
      push $good_groups{$n_good}->@*, [$group->@*];

   my $max = max(keys %good_groups);
   for my $base_size (reverse(1 .. ($threshold - 1))) {
      while ($good_groups{$base_size}->@* > 0) {
         my @new_group      = shift($good_groups{$base_size}->@*)->@*;
         my $new_group_size = $base_size;
         while ($new_group_size < 4) {
            my $companion_size =
              first { ($good_groups{$_} // [])->@* > 0 } 1 .. $max;
            my $companion = shift $good_groups{$companion_size}->@*;
            push @new_group, $companion->@*;
            $new_group_size += $companion_size;
         } ## end while ($new_group_size < ...)
         push $good_groups{$new_group_size}->@*, \@new_group;
         $max = $new_group_size if $max < $new_group_size;
      } ## end while ($good_groups{$base_size...})
   } ## end for my $base_size (reverse...)

   return [map { $_->@* } values %good_groups];
} ## end sub compactify

We end up with $1235$ such groups, which means slightly less than $10.3$ bits of entropy. Combined with the additional two bits, it means that each randomly drawn word would bring at least $12$ bits of entropy –one more than the XKCD comic!

The end result can be seen in this file.

Stay safe!

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