On the review for The Weekly Challenge 179...


A couple of comments about Perl Weekly Review #179.

So it seems that in the Perl Weekly Review #179 I’ve been pulled by the jacket not once, not twice, but thrice.

OK, let’s clear out a few things:

  • thrice is a real word, I checked.
  • if you don’t know what being pulled by the jacket means, it’s just an Italian way of saying that I’ve been mentioned and somehow forced to respond.

So, let’s get them in order!


So it seems that I forgot to use and instead of the comma for pairing the last items in the list while writing the ordinal form of the numbers.

Well, to be fair it does not seem. I indeed messed up that.

While looking for some obscure place where I might find some loophole, I discovered none but learned a few things:

  • the Oxford comma is called the serial comma for a reason: it applies to list (series?) of things. It seems that the parts of a number while spelling it do not apply, so there is no comma before that and.
  • either Google watered down, or my search skill have become blunt.

So well, the change is anyway left as a simple exercise for the reader…

Dario’s take

I might chime in and point out that Dario’s solution might be about cardinal numbers and not ordinal ones.

But I’m not a spy and I won’t.

On a completely unrelated note, I’d observe that it’s easy to find out how first is translated into Italian.

All in all, I congratulate with Dario for sneaking in!

James’s take

James’s take is… impressive. And I really hope that the ’s after James is correct.

Yet, I stand by my octillions. They have a place in this universe, and I find it slightly offensive to call them names as trivial, nothing, pshaw, and peanuts. Luck is they have very, very large shoulders.

Stay safe and read Colin Crain’s reviews!

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