Naming items in dew


dew arrays can be indexed by name.

When looking at data with dew, if there’s a top-level array the first-level selector usually shows a list of integers (starting from 1, I know I know…):

default view of arrays

It’s now possible to set a data selector (keys separated by dots, like, much like JSON path identifiers) with command-line namer or directly inside the application, by pressing CTRL-W and typing the selector:

set namer

This triggers the selection of the “name” to be used for each array item, instead of the integer (which remains as a default value):

different index names

This should enhance the user experience when using dew to look at many items, because it will be easier to switch between the ones of interest instead of being forced to remember their integer identifiers.

I hope this can help someone beyond future me, but anyway… stay safe!

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