A builtin::readonly?


Wondering whether builtin::readonly will ever appear.

Today I was looking at the changes in Perl v5.36 and I was somehow surprised that there’s no builtin::readonly.

I know there’s no readonly elsewhere in CORE, so it’s definitely different from e.g. refaddr and blessed (which, by the way, is very good to have at hand and avoid the go to the beginning, import Scalar::Util, go back to the place that lost me about 60 seconds of overall programmer life), but I’d argue that true and false aren’t either, at least that I know of.

I also know that I should probably use read-only variables more, because I’m getting older and memory might start failing me any time soon.

Last, I know that… wait, what was I talking about?

Oh, yes, read-only variables. Well, I guess we will stick with Readonly::Tiny for some time more. Luckily there’s a post about it.

Stay safe!

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