Short flight over Tickit


I took a quick glance at Tickit.

Aiming to generate a little Terminal User Interface for some data visualization, I’ve ventured into looking at Tickit.

I have to say that it is an interesting project, although it has it own flaws and I eventually decided to stick with Curses::UI. I hope these considerations will not be taken negatively, because again the project is interesting and the whole library seems very flexible.

Withough further ado, some comments:

  • documentation is somehow lacking - fortunately most things have example programs;
  • the overall maturity is not exceptionally great. As an example, a vertical split is a specialization of a generic split (ok, good) but there’s no way to set the split position upon creation, only by fiddling with the mouse (uhm no, this is bad).
  • I so missed the equivalent of a combo box!
  • Some widget require version 5.26 or higher, and I have a stock 5.24 (ok, this is easy to address!).

Another thing that struck me a lot was the lack of a clear way of contributing back. That was a bummer to be honest, because I did want to work on a patch to contribute back.

All in all, I would really like to be able and use Tickit beyond the examples… but my Tickit-fu is currently too weak.

Stay safe everybody!

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