ActiveDirectory password encoding in Perl and shell


I guess the title is the TL;DR

In previous post ActiveDirectory password reset with LDIF we saw the basic algorithm to generate a LDIF file for changing passwords in ActiveDirectory.

The most tricky part is dealing with the encodings in the right way, so let’s look at a couple of examples, one in Perl and one in shell (with the help of some programs, hoping they’re available).

Let’s go Perl first:

use Encode 'encode';
use MIME::Base64 'encode_base64';
my $password = 'newPassword';
print encode_base64(encode('UTF-16LE', qq{"$password"}));

We can also go with a one-liner, BUT take care that you must know that your terminal is set to UTF-8 for the following example to work properly (i.e. to substitute newPassword with something different, e.g. containing accented characters etc.):

perl -MEncode=encode -MMIME::Base64=encode_base64 -Mutf8 \
    -e 'print encode_base64(encode("UTF-16-LE", qq{"newPassword"}))'

So… some plain(er) shell without Perl. Apart from the nightmare of a system without Perl (alas, they exist!), the UTF-16LE encoding can be handled with iconv and the final encoding with base64:

printf %s '"newPassword"' | iconv -f UTF-8 -t UTF-16LE | base64

Note that newPassword is wrapped in double quotes and single quotes. The single quotes allow preserving the double ones. Not the most readable thing in the world I guess, but this is life.

Stay safe and encoded!

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