Wrapperl, from the past


I was reminded of wrapperl.

Some years ago I had pretty much the same problems as today about messing up with @INC properly. At the time I was usually interested into compiling my own Perl, which today I mostly don’t do, leveraging system perl with custom libraries kept in local.

In Using ongoing developed libraries I tried to elaborate a bit on the pain points I have today, which to some extent overlap with those at the time. So, techinically speaking, that solution should work today as well. It’s called wrapperl and I thank a gentle commenter for letting me remember about it.

I eventually stopped using it because the whole Docker distribution model made it somehow obsolete. Additionally, I probably prefer something more DWIMmy, like directories are inferred from a few hints and presence/absence of directories, instead of being strictly configured (which, of course, has its own merits).

Anyway, I see that I did put some love in documenting wrapperl, so you might be interested into taking a look if you share a similar need.

Stay safe!

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