Gitolite image - Helm chart inside


The gitolite-dibs image now contains the Helm chart too.

I’m playing with building a Docker image for Gitolite, stored at gitolite-dibs. Images are also available in the container registry.

Since version 0.2.1, the image also contains a Helm chart that can be used to deploy it. At the end of the day, a Docker image is a glorified archive of files, so why not include the image too? This is a strategy that I adopted in the past, with success I think (I’m always sure to have all I need when I bring the image with me).

The entrypoint program includes a chart (aliased helm) sub-command to get this Helm chart, like this:

$ VERSION='0.2.1'   # or whatever you want after this
$ docker run --rm "$IMAGE" chart | tar x

Piping to tar makes sure that the only file inside the TAR archived that is printed out by the docker command is extracted locally; this trick allows preserving the file name of the chart.

The version of the chart might be different from that of the image… because the chart has its own life and evolution, independently of how it is shipped.

I guess it’s everything for this post… stay safe!

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