GeoIP database from MaxMind


MaxMind provides a free version of their Geo-localization database, useable from Perl.

Which is pretty cool.

I’ve hit slightly less than 1.2 k banned IPs in a Fail2ban instance and I was curious about it, so I needed to translate a list of IP addresses into country names.

Luckily, IP::Geolocation::MMDB and a free DB by MaxMind made the translation possible and fun.

This is what came out:

China 254
United States 218
Hong Kong 93
Singapore 72
India 70
Germany 53
Netherlands 36
Indonesia 31
Brazil 30
United Kingdom 28
South Korea 28
Russia 27
Vietnam 24
Canada 14
Japan 13
France 12
Thailand 11
Italy 11

I was expecting China first, less so the other ones. How beautiful is that we can challenge our own self-delusions and biases with data?

Stay safe!

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