Some notes on gpg-agent


gpg-agent is great but might use some enhancement.

I recently stumbled upon a situation that was more or less like this:

  • I have multiple private keys in a gnupg keyring.
  • Files encrypted with key foo are more sensitive.
  • Files encrypted with key bar are less sensitive.

My goal was to set different expiration times for keys managed by gpg-agent, so that unlocking key bar would last longer.

Except that… this is not possible. There is no (easy) API to have different expiration times, because gpg-agent only handles two values:

  • the default-cache-ttl sets the expiration timer unless the key is used again;
  • the max-cache-ttl sets an absolute expiration time, even if you use the key “continuously” (i.e. without ever letting it expire due to the default-cache-ttl).

That’s it, this is what we get for all keys in the keyring. I was hoping for some command to raise the value, some key-specific section in the configuration file… but nothing.

One ugly hack to have a different behaviour for the two keys might be having something that regularly uses key bar, so that it does not expire due to default-cache-ttl but only for max-cache-ttl. But… it’s ugly and brittle.

The other thing that is possible to do is to have two different directories, each with its own set of files and pointed to with two different values for environment variable GNUPGHOME. This might mean that there are two distinct keyrings, unless we do some linking magic to share the same keyring files across the two different directories (apart, of course, for gpg-agent specific files, which we want to keep separated).

So this works:

$ export GPGHOME

# this is where the most sensitive key/keyring is kept
$ GNUPGHOME="~/.foo"

# the configuration file sets both timeouts to 6 seconds
$ cat "$GNUPGHOME/gpg-agent.conf"
default-cache-ttl 6
max-cache-ttl 6
pinentry-program /usr/local/bin/pinentry-mac

# this is where the least sensitive key/keyring is kept
$ GNUPGHOME="~/.bar"

# here it's OK to leave stuff in the session for 10 hours
$ cat "$GNUPGHOME/gpg-agent.conf"
default-cache-ttl 36000
max-cache-ttl     36000
pinentry-program /usr/local/bin/pinentry-mac

So well, it’s definitely doable although… not necessarily something that I like!

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