Things to study


Taking note of a few things to study.

After using App::Easer for a bit I’m quite happy with the thing - usable and gets reasonably out of the way. But, of course, there’s always space for improvement, especially if it’s an occasion to learn more.

Things that, at this point, I think would be cool:

  • making it possible to encapsulate each command inside its own package very, very easy. This does not mean that I want to give up on the everything in a hash approach, which I still think is great for small applications; just to make it super-slick to do otherwise.
  • Ease attaching application as sub-commands of other applications.
  • Make it possible to define package-based applications as modulinos too.
  • Probably coalesce the definition of the application and the definition of the command(s). In a lot of places in the code the application acts as a fallback for stuff that can be in the command specification too, so I might consider making it simpler.
  • Probably adopt a proper OO-oriented style. The current implementation is sort-of object oriented, much like you would do in C: keep track of stuff in an “object”, passed as the first argument to functions.
  • Think about a proper interface for callbacks. At the moment they’re more or less the same, i.e. “pass everything because everything can come handy”. I still think this flexibility is a value, just probably it can be turned into something more reasonable.
  • Migrate to a versioning for the API provided by the module, so that it will be possible to migrate across different versions.

Well, not necessarily in this order - e.g. the migration to a versioning system is somehow a pre-requisite to keep backwards compatibility.

Please note that I’m not deluding myself about the need to keep backwards compatibility. It’s just an occation to learn how to do things properly!

One thing that I think will come handy is the mechanism that is used e.g. by Role::Tiny to augment a class of role-based methods. I took a look at the module, but a lot of the stuff there is to turn a package into a role, which will eventually do its magic when included in another class. An interesting read, anyway.

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