Evolving App::Easer


I’m playing with some ideas to evolve App::Easer.

App::Easer has a solid fanbase: me. I’m using it quite extensively right now, and that’s very good because I’m both enjoying it and collecting constructive criticism about it.

You know, by me.

Anyway, there are two applications that started separated and I’m thinking about joining (placing one under the other). For this reason, I’m playing with some ideas to extend the current hierarchy definition interface so that a few things can be done easily.

This is somehow at the border between the bloating and the actual usefulness. On the one hand the system as-is allows me to do the merge quite easily; on the other, there’s some risk that this operation creates a very big definition hash, which might play against readability.

I already put some mechanisms to allow breaking the definition of commands and put them elsewhere. I just feel that there might be something more to it, so if I come up with a clean and easy way to do this I’ll add it.

In the meantime, I figured that it’s quite easy to define the hierarchy by placing commands definitions directly inside the children array reference. This led to the current TRIAL release, with minimal intervention. Andrew Harlan would be proud, I hope.

Well, enough rambling… stay safe everyone!

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