I finally added stuff to alpeanuts.

alpeanuts is a collection of scripts that leverage dibs to build small utility containers, based on Alpine Linux.

The typical script is like this, to build an image that contains both bash and OpenSSH:

md="$(dirname "$(readlink -f "$0")")"
ENTRYPOINT=/bin/bash \
   LIST='bash, openssh' \
   TAGS=alpeanuts:bassh   \

The building script is alpeanuts, of course… and it is driven by a few environment variables:

  • ENTRYPOINT is what will be set as the… entrypoint of the Docker image that is generated;
  • LIST: the list of packages that should be added to the image;
  • TAGS: the name(s) of the image to be generated.

It should be as easy as running each shell script ending in .sh. If not… please open an Issue!

If you just need one of the images… they’re avaible in the repository’s registry.

Stay safe folks!

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