Cross-posting considered harmful?


Ask in the right place first, or die tryin’

The documentation for option ChrootDirectory in OpenSSH has this:

For safety, it is very important that the directory hierarchy be prevented from modification by other processes on the system (especially those outside the jail). Misconfiguration can lead to unsafe environments which sshd(8) cannot detect.

While I undertand the general invitation to consider every situation carefully, the first part seems quite prescriptive so I was wondering if there’s anything that I’m obviously missing.

So, a few days ago I opened a question on Server Fault: OpenSSH ChrootDirectory man page remark on safety.

User Paul was kind on providing a view, but I feel it’s actually making my point instead: it can be OK for other processes outside the jail to do the modifications, as long as the correct things are addressed. Which left me with the same feeling as before, i.e. the possibility that I might be missing something.

At this point, I figured that this question was probably better addressed by security experts than administration experts. So, after about a week, I posted the same question in Information Security, pointing to the original question too.

The new question was closed as off-topic and the only explicit reason I saw was this:

I’m voting to close this question because it is cross-posted

(Not exactly welcoming to a new user, but whatever).

This left me quite frustrated: first, I think it’s much more on-topic in Information Security than in Server Fault; second, I’ll have to look elsewhere for some insight (which would have been useful in Information Security anyway).

Lesson learned: ask in the right place first, or die tryin’ 🤐

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