Doubting about Accounting::Kitty


I have some doubts about the worth of Accounting-Kitty.

After one exact month since writing Accounting::Kitty on GitHub, little to nothing changed.

Well, actually…

  • the project did not advance
  • I discovered Ledger & co. and found it great, cleaner, you name it
  • I discovered some future bugs in the module.

The last bullet deserves some explanation for future me: Accounting::Kitty was born out of some specific code to cope with a specific project, trying to make it general. It turns out that there are things that are not so strictly bound to a project, and risk to mess things up as soon as multiple projects and quotas are brought on the scene.

For this reason, there’s no immediate but in what I’m using (which is not based on Accounting::Kitty and is actually a predecessor), but using Accounting::Kitty in its full promised power is likely to let the bug(s) emerge.

So I’m wondering… is it worth to invest some time on it, or should I aim for something different?

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