Email::Stuffer is a useful module.

I recently needed to build and email and had to navigate through a plethora of email modules in the CPAN.

I eventually landed on Email::Stuffer, which seems to get the job done with a quite easy interface:

use Email::Stuffer;

my $email = Email::Stuffer
    ->subject('What ever!')
Hello, World!

Good to see you... have a nice day!


$email->attach('Some added stuff',
    content_type => 'text/plain',
    disposition  => 'attachment',
    filename     => 'file-name.txt',

print {*STDOUT} $email->as_string;

There is another method for attaching stuff to the email - namely attach_file.

Unfortunately it insists on getting a real file, not just something that would be good for open. This means that one has to explicitly select the right method depending on whether there’s some stuff inside a scalar or inside a file (see A file fetcher idea for why I would ever need this).

So… here’s how it would happen:

my $stuff = scalar_ref_or_filename();
my %args = (...);
if (ref $stuff eq 'SCALAR') { $email->attach($$stuff, %args)     }
else                        { $email->attach_file($stuff, %args) }

The docs say it’s just good for simple emails… but I guess my needs are simple these days!

Cheers folks, stay safe!

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